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Drug Testing in Imperial Beach, CA

Coronado Bay Urgent Care Provides Walk-In Pre-Employment and Post-Accident Drug Testing with Quick Results. Book an Appointment Online or Call (860) 454-0678.

Drug Testing in Imperial Beach, CA

Pre-employment and random drug testing solutions are offered at Coronado Bay Urgent Care. Are you a candidate interviewing for a job position? Does your prospective employer require you to perform a drug test quickly? No need to worry, our walk-in clinic and urgent care facility have your fast and easy solution. Don’t wait days for your drug test results, we will have your test results within 24 hours. Are you a business owner that requires pre-employment or random drug screening? At Coronado Bay Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic, we understand how critical it can be in the employee hiring process.

We encourage all employers and employees to take all the necessary steps to maintain the best business and practices possible! Here at Coronado Bay, we make excellence simple and easy. Our staff is here and ready to serve you and your business, we pride ourselves in efficiency and work hard to make you and/or your business a better place.

Drug tests and screening will be performed by our highly trained physicians quickly and accurately. We will provide business owners with the fast results they need. Walk into our clinic today or call us at (619) 423-0100, for your pre-employment and random drug screening services.